It’s going to be okay. . .

I’m a day later than my projected blog schedule, but yesterday got away from me. Here in northwest Missouri we were bombarded by high winds and then later multiple tornado reports, so my weather fascination kicked in and that was my late afternoon and evening.

God and I talked through the whole thing. Well, I did most of the talking, I knew several people in the forecast danger area, occasionally slowing down just long enough to get the sense of peace that enabled me to continue on with my amateur weather forecasting. I did step out into the hallway a couple of times to give the expected weather report (I guess I have a reputation) and some went downstairs “just in case.”

South of my home was hit hardest. But, praise the Lord, no serious injuries. Yes, serious damage to homes and businesses, and minor injuries, but the storm finally passed.

They do, you know. Storms come and they can be violent and then they pass. And, like today, the skies are clear and the air is fresh and clean. But there is always something left behind to remember, to have to get through.

From his experience of losing his home to a tornado several years ago, a veteran newscaster offered encouragement to any who might be going through what he had gone through. Gave them insight on what to expect. Not only in dealing with the damage, but how they would feel during the process. I paraphrase what he ended with, “What you can do now is pray for them. And if you can, go find someone and put your arms around them and just tell them, it’s going to be okay. Not today, or even tomorrow, but it will be okay.”

I don’t know if this newscaster is a believer.  I do know that what he said last night a lot of people probably needed to hear.

For believers, isn’t that what God tells us? That storms come, and havoc results, but He is there to put His love around us and show us that it is going to be okay. And He teaches us the importance of community, of supporting one another.

So whatever you’re going through, allow God to be the one who holds you up, who guides you through the storms. Offer support to and accept support from the people God puts in your life. Then, maybe some day, when something happens to someone else, you can draw on your experience and say to them, “it’s going to be okay. And let me tell you why. . .”

Blessings from the rocking chair.


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