About Faith By Choice

Faith By Choice started as a blog examining choices made in faith as the Lord  continued clarifying the path He was leading me on.  I have experimented with the site. I have experimented with the posts. Sometimes it is a reflection of my day, more of a journal than anything. Like me, it is ever-changing. My hope is that the result of this period of growth and discovery can bring honor and glory to God.

A Little About Me I can’t remember when I haven’t written, so its safe to say I’m a writer. I have been published in a few magazines, had a weekly column in a local newspaper, as well as  being a reporter and editor. Some 36 years ago I accepted Jesus by faith as my Lord and Savior. What a journey it has been! Still continues to be. I love animals, quiet time and being outside. If I start reading a book I have a hard time putting it down, so I have to be very selective what time of day I start reading. I love music. I love art. Most of my life I have had dogs, but now I find myself a cat lady. On occasion the cat might appear on the site. Did I say I also love to take pictures? When I was a reporter the 35 mm camera was always on the car seat beside me, ready to grab and shoot. Now the little digital camera is in my purse and I don’t do as much impromptu shooting as I used to, I still carry it with me. You know, just in case.

So… All that said, I hope somewhere in the words woven out of life observations you can find a spark of hope, a smile, or even something to ponder to build your faith.



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